Welcome to our Photo Gallery! Please take a moment to let us show you what makes our Agency uniquely qualified to handle all your Transportation and Logistics needs.

Heavy Haul

Stretch RGN (Low Bolster Height)

Ramp Base on Extra Low RGN
With RGN deck heights as low as 14", transporting tall, fragile loads is safer, faster and more cost effective.
60 feet in the well
We have stretch/extendable RGN trailers with up to 60'6" in the load well. This makes transporting long and tall loads safer than on other trailer types.
Pilot Car
Our great relationships with our Pilot Car / Escort providers means your shipment will not be stranded waiting for escorts.
Low-Pro Stretch Stepdeck
One of two halves of an electrical enclosure loaded on a 6-Axle Stretch Low-Pro Stepdeck. Loaded height 16'6"
139K load on 13-Axle Steerable
This is one of (5) pieces of crated machinery we moved to an East Coast port for export. The crate is 60'L x 8'W x 11'H and weighs 139,000 lbs. Loaded on a 13-Axle Steerable Modular Trailer.
Cat D7 Dozer on 6-axle RGN
We regularly move construction equipment into remote locations. Across town or across the country.
Anchor Module on 2+2 Trailer
With individual states requiring unique axle configurations, our extensive capacity ensures the right equipment arrives for the job. This is a 4-Axle Tractor and "2+2" RGN Trailer
11-Axle RGN
124,000 lb. machine on 11-Axle RGN

Flatbed & Stepdeck

Michels Misc load.jpg

Boldt AZ to WI load 1.JPG

CCI Bucket Trucks 1.jpg

DPI-1-HD on Stepdeck.jpg

DUVs on SD 590106 590115.jpg

Stepdeck with Ramps
Stepdeck with ramps.
Jim Heimerl's heavy haul truck pulling a regular flatbed load.
Brad Gibson Peterbilt with flatbed
Blurry picture of Curt Richer's big Peterbilt.
Dave Wyman MI to GA 2.jpg

Greg Victor loading H-Pile and misc.
Quick Draw Tarp Open.jpg
Flatbed with "Conestoga" curtainside tarping system.


40' Gooseneck Hotshot
Perfect for LTL shipments requiring faster transit times.  Most hotshot trailers are capable of carrying up to 10,000 lbs.